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**Chance is a special needs dog!


Chance is a sweet guy who had a rough start! Chance had an injury to his nasal cavity as a little pup (about 6 weeks old) and it nearly killed him! He was taken to the vet where the vet on call advised the owner to put Chance down due to a horrible infection; Chance came here instead. Chance had a rough time, his eye, which was already popped out when he got here, fell out, his nasal cavity had so much infection that he could not breathe. I spent the first night debating if I should have taken him in due to the cries of pain throughout the night. Chance has had nebulizer treatments, had his nose suctioned, and had been on about every antibiotic possible to stop the horrible infection from growing, and he is finally ready to find his forever home! Chance does still have some nasal discharge, but nothing that is any harm to anyone! 


Please consider Chance as your next family member. 

** If you are interested in adopting Chance, please fill out the adoption application located above!


**All dogs here are spayed/neutered, dewormed, heartworm tested, on heartworm prevention, current on vaccines, and microchipped! 









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